Sunday, April 12, 2009

If this isn't Heaven, it's a heart-beat closer to it.

I believe that what I have created is, quite frankly, Heaven, in food form. At the very least, eating it will bring you closer to Heaven, if that is where you will end up. If you are a heathen, perhaps it's best if you stay away from the Steak cordon Bacon. It is, simply stated, steak, with cheese and bacon inside, cooked with more bacon... but the process of cooking makes it so much more than that. Inspired by the great heart stopping treats I read about on

You start with honey and teriyaki sauce. Photobucket
Mix in a pot on low heat, until they are fully combined.

Then, add steak. Photobucket

Marinate the steak for a full 24 hours for best result. Photobucket

When the steak is ready, cook a few pieces of bacon. While the bacon is cooking, take a knife and cut a small opening in the side of the steak. Move the knife around inside, creating a cavity which you will fill with chunks of the bacon you are cooking, and sharp cheddar cheese. (Note: Even if you prefer mild cheddar, or some other kind of cheese, use sharp cheddar, as the contrast between the cheese and the sweet flavor of the steak is what helps to make this meal magnificent)

When the steak is filled, cook it however you like it. I like it medium rare, but you don't really care how I like it, do you? It's best to use a thermometer, instead of just looking at how pink the inside is, because the teriyaki marinade will have darkened the meat.

While the steak is cooking, create a mat out of bacon. Photobucket It does not need to be tight, or attractive, since it will be dismantled later.

Wrap the bacon weave around the steak Photobucket

Cook until the bacon is almost crispy. Dismantle. Finish cooking the bacon.

Enjoy with a beer of your choosing.

If you're not in Heaven eating this meal, I'll either see you there soon, or I don't want to know you.


  1. you eat enough meat to make up for the fact that i don't eat any. at least all those dead cows and especially the piggies aren't going to waste.

  2. I have to try this....


  3. This is not my idea of heaven. I have to agree with Rachel here....because, as you know, I do not eat meat either