Sunday, June 28, 2009

The pipes, the pipes are calling.

So I've been reading this book of Irish fairy-tales. I have learned that the term "Mermaid" comes from the Irish sailors who believed that "Merrows" (both maids and men) lived in the ocean near Ireland. "Merrow", and thereby "Mer" being based on the Gaelic word, "Muir", which means "Sea". Mermaid = Sea maid. Anyway... while reading this book, I've been reading it out loud to myself, with an Irish accent, just to make it more fun. As a result, I find myself now thinking with an Irish accent, and occasionally speaking with one when I don't mean to. I only hope that it becomes permanent, because Irish accents are awesome.

Oh yeah, also, it seems that Merpeople weren't just people on top and fish on the bottom, they also had webbed hands and feet. Yeah, feet... in addition to giant fish tails. Like people wearing scaly pants, with a giant tail instead of a butt.

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